Spoiler Alert! Even More New Features For ISPG V2.0

We were absolutely delighted to bring you news of the updated Instant Squeeze Page Generator site. If you’ve tried the new features out already, no doubt you’re enjoying great results and a growing list.

If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

Free gifts to give away, 100% commission upsell sites, new improved graphic options – log in ASAP and see for yourself what all the fuss is about…

Or at least wait until you’ve finished reading this because I’m going to tell you about another cool feature we’ve developed.

Rebranding Emails and Reports

Expert, slick, and professional. That’s the way we all like to appear to our prospects and customers. Easier said than done sometimes though, don’t you agree?

Well, we’ve made this easier for you to achieve with less effort than ever before with our Rebrander feature. Now your emails and reports can be completely rebranded to reflect your own company style and logo, without the actual effort of having to design it all yourself.

Plus, if you add your affiliate IDs to the Rebrander, your downlines will be joining programs through your links and IDs. Everyone’s a winner, right?

==> Pro Tip: For our upgraded members, there isn’t even a mention of ISPG in the emails or reports, so your customers will think you’ve come up with this amazing, stylish content all on your own.

Phase One of the ISPG relaunch is complete. You can get busy utilizing all these super new features and growing your business right away.

If you’re already excited and motivated, just wait till you hear about Phase Two. That’s coming next and will include even more cool stuff. Look out for a new blog post coming soon!
Log in and see all the new features for yourself:


Have you tried any of the Phase One ISPG improvements yet? Post in the comments below.