I was wrong & smiley was right…

Robert Puddy One of the knowhow guysYes I know that’s quite a turn around…

But things have changed in the traffic exchange world and the Smiley Plan is now without doubt the smartest quickest way to get TE’s back in the real world.

Getting members to promote for the free credit overrides instead of for penny’s clicking or to earn commissions is the saviour of TE’s and is our only chance to right the wrongs in the last 5 years or so that has seen our little corner of the IM world decline.

We must bring Traffic Exchanges’s back to the original idea that they are for the little guy to promote their affiliate programs to other little guys.

Before I came along and changed the emphasis from good old traffic generation to a commissions led environment TE’s were the perfect way to generate traffic to programs that were designed to create revenue for advertisers.

Changing the thought process from making cash from TE’s to using TE’s to generate affiliate commissions in programs that are more naturally set up to create revenue is the only way to save our little corner of the IM world.

So today I publicly announce I was wrong, and Smiley was right.

As users you should be promoting TE’s only as a means to build down lines and grow your traffic generation pot.

Then use that advertising power to promote other programs like ISPG, rocket responder, Tecommand post (or your own favourite money maker) etc.

As an owner it makes huge sense to cut down on the money you now pay out just to get people to surf.

The money saved from that practice can be used to make credits and member subscriptions cheaper.

We need to stop looking at page views as a sign of a good TE, and start looking at the conversion/signup rate as the indicator of a good TE.

I know people with an advertising budget who are desperately wanting to spend it at TE’s. If only the surfers were more geared towards the advertising aspect instead of the penny clicking aspect.

They would much rather the delivery rate was slower and the signups higher, what you and I want is for our advertising budget to actually make a profit.

Wether you buy credits or earn them surfing and promoting (or both) you want your time and money to bring in reasonable results.

Now I don’t expect to change this over night but we really do need to take a good long hard look at what were doing to ourselves.

And I’m not the only one thinking we were wrong back then to push the affiliate properties of a traffic exchange.

What you and I both need is a good reliable traffic generation solution that creates wealth for everyone involved and the smiley plan is it.

It has to start with us owners lowering or removing commissions and raising credit overrides for members who build down lines.

Join the campaign and put the smiley plan into action.

eating humble pie
Robert Puddy

PS: I am so convinced of all this I made Vern & the hotflash girls in charge of the very first LFMTE & LFMVM endorsed mentor program