cloudHow have you found the new features in Phase One of the all new Instant Squeeze Page Generator?

I imagine you’ve already been making full use of the pre-written emails, as well as those fantastic 100% instant commissions and free gifts. It’s really exciting for us to know that we’re helping to make your business more profitable!

I promised you an update on the features we’ve developed for Phase Two and I don’t want you to miss out on a thing, so keep reading so you’ll be ready for all the new stuff ISPG V2 has to offer.

There are so many exciting new improvements to talk about but I’m just going to focus on a couple here.

Building the Squeeze Page

Up to now it’s probably been a bit of a hassle building a squeeze page. In the past we’ve tried to give you lots of customisation options, but it made the whole system a bit fiddly and laborious.

But not any longer!

We’re completely overhauling the system to make it easier than ever to build squeeze pages, splash pages, banners, custom graphics, and even an entire sales funnel.

Awesome, right? I can’t wait for you to see it in action.

Offer Your Own Free Gifts

Phase one gave you the option to offer free gifts that we provide to entice customers, but we don’t want to handcuff you to these if you have your own. An important part of Phase two is giving upgraded members the ability to upload their own gifts.

==> Pro Tip: If you can’t wait for this feature to be ready, you can actually do this already by customizing the HTML to reflect your own product after you create each squeeze page.

Advanced Tracking and Split-Testing

This feature is going to be hugely important if you consider yourself to be a serious marketer. Not only are we adding the ability to generate advanced tracking stats for all of your squeeze pages, you’ll also be able to create variations and run split-tests to see which is most effective.

I full appreciate that this new feature is a bit geeky and not everyone is going to bother, but you’re smarter than that, right?


We’re working so hard to get all of these new features ready so you can start using them as soon as possible. And it’s really important to us that our members get the most out of ISPG so we’re going to be in touch frequently offering advice and help.

In the meanwhile, make sure you log-in and check out the new features that are already available:

Have you tried any of the new ISPG features? Do you have any feedback on the improvements we’ve made so far? Post in the comments below.

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  1. When I opt in, I did it because of the intnsat sqeeze page generator that was 100% FREE. Well, its been at least a couple of weeks and I am still looking for that free sqeeze page generator. Certainly your integrity of promised items is not realized because of my error of not finding the email or the hyper-link to click Right?Could you help me find this free intnsat sqeeze page generator?

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