5 Do or Die Facebook Marketing Tips

facebook Landing Pages That Blow MindsFacebook is getting more and more competitive for marketers, which is why you need to know and use every tool and trick available to you for getting the most out of your Facebook social marketing time.

First, some basics on setting up Facebook correctly:

1. Create a Facebook PAGE, not a personal timeline or profile. When you join Facebook, you automatically get a personal timeline. But for marketing purposes, you want to create and use a Page instead.

When naming this page, keep it short and get it right the first time. You can’t change a Page name once you have 200 likes. And a shorter name is helpful when you create Facebook ads.

2. Once you have 25 likes, get a vanity URL, such as Facebook.com/yourbusinessname.

3. Fill in as much info in your “about” section as possible. Be detailed and use keywords, because this will not only tell your customers about your business, it will also help with SEO.

4. Add a call to action in your cover photo. Use a photo that speaks volumes about your business, and then add a text description that tells them what you want them to do. Go to your website? Subscribe for your freebie? Visit a particular page?

5. Use a great profile photo. Remember, your profile photo will be seen all over the place – in newsfeeds of followers, in posts on your timeline, in comment replies and overlaying your cover photo. So make it good, make it clear, and make it friendly.

In part two of this article were going to talk about how to advertise with out buying ads…meanwhile you can check out this great tutorial and learning centre http://fbtrafficwizard.com/