The Purpose Of Your Free Content Is To Get People To Your Sales Page

The Purpose Of Your Free Content Is To Get People To Your Sales Page Hungry To Buy…It’s not enough to just give away free content. It really isn’t.

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Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Your lead magnet should be a high quality piece of content. Sometimes people use the lowest-quality content for this step as they’re giving the item away. However, your goal is to impress your prospects. That’s why you need to offer them a high-quality, useful product – something you could easily sell.

2. The lead magnet should naturally lead to the tripwire product. Think of the lead magnet as being useful yet incomplete. Anyone who reads the lead magnet will naturally want the tripwire as well, as the tripwire should be a natural extension of the lead magnet.

For example, maybe your lead magnet provides an overview of a process, such as how to set up a blog. In that case, then the tripwire might provide the exact, in-depth instructions with screenshots.

3. The lead magnet should include a strong call to action at the end. This is where you tell people exactly what they need to do next.

For example: “Setting up a blog seems easy enough – but if you do it wrong, you open yourself to hackers who’ll destroy everything you’ve built. Don’t let this happen to you. Click here to find out how to protect your blog and your financial future…”

4. Tweak your lead magnet to fit your voice. At the very least, create a new introduction and conclusion. Then go through the report to modify anything that doesn’t sound like something you’d say. Not only does this tip make the product sound like it’s in your voice, it also makes the content unique.

If you’re running a very simple membership site (such as a fixed-term membership site), you can run it using your autoresponder. For other membership site models, you may need a membership site script. One good option is