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How To Treat An Email List

A mailing list is a marketing tool, it is never created with the intention of mailing family and friends, it is always created as a marketing tool to which you send marketing messages.

If your not getting unsubscribes your not pushy enough

Scenario 1 you get 50 people a day subscribe, your gentle with them send them lots of free stuff and give good info, every now and then you make a pitch

You make a couple hundred a month from your list, and unsubscribe rate is 3 or 4 a month

Scenario 2 you get 50 people a day subscribe your pushy right from the start and pitch in every email... you make several thousand a month from your list and unsubs rise to 10 to 20 a month

Which would you pick?

And incidently unsubscribe rates are not tied directly to the amount of pitches you do, unsub rates are tied to the expectation of subscribers when they open your email.

If they expect to see content and then see a pitch thats when unsub rates rise

Consequently if they know there is going to be a pitch in every email you send when they open it and see the pitch they arent upset and conversion rates go up

Unsub and consequently conversion rates are directly tied to not getting what they expected in the email

Its your job as an email marketer to set the expectation right from the start, train your subscribers to open emails and click on links.

Use content to bribe them into reading them, but make sure there is a link to a promotion somewhere in every email you send