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How to get subscribers more motivated part 3

 "Use Trends & Events"

Smart marketers know that extra profits are to be made during trends and events throughout the year.

For example: you'll sell more basketball tickets for the local pro team during a winning streak as opposed to a losing streak.

Think about this: During the past 20 years, when were the MOST (by far) "home survival kits" sold? Yep, you guessed it, during the months after the September 11, 2002 bombing on the US World Trade Centers.

Marketers knew that the interest in "home survival kits" would be at an all-time high because of the scare surrounding terrorism. And they sold a gazillion of them.

The idea here is to take current events and current trends and tie them into your promotion. Spend a few minutes today and think about what the current "in" news stories and events are. And how can you capitalize on them.

Note: Just as aside, I want to say something on a personal note. There is a marked difference – in my opinion – between taking advantage of a trend and taking advantage of people. I DO NOT recommend, endorse or approve of any tactics that are designed to "frighten" people into buying from you or using their existing fear for your personal gain. Use trends and events, don't use people.

"Use Landing Pages"

Here's a super way to increase your click-thrus, conversion and profits. In fact, I've never failed to see increases when using this idea.

Let's say you are selling an information product that shows how to teach yourself self-defense. You've got your site setup and you're ready to roll.

So, you start buying solo mailings in other people's ezines in order to get people to your site.

What you can do in order to see greater results from your ads is to create special "landing pages" for the different ads you place.

A landing page is simply a webpage that you drive traffic to instead of your main salespage. This special "landing page" has been strategically setup to target a particular audience, in this case the traffic from the ads you place.

It might work like this: You buy a solo mailing to Bob's Newsletter list of subscribers. Instead of driving them to your regular salespage at your site, you drive them to a landing page that has a large, bold headline which reads...

Special Offer for Readers of Bob's Newsletter

What happens now? You have raised the level of interest for the person who arrived at the site. They are a member of Bob's Newsletter. This offer is especially for them. Greater conversion is coming.

You can tweak the idea in other ways like "50% discount for Bob's Newsletter subscribers" or "Free gift for readers of Bob's Newsletter."

You'll also want to mention in the actual solo mailing itself that you have something specifically for Bob's Newsletter subscribers waiting for you at the site.

This is a very compelling one-two punch and I've never used it without seeing a higher conversion rate of visitors into customers.

"Link In Several Places"

Try to work in the link you are promoting several times throughout the text of the email message itself. You don't want to go overboard on this, but you can see a higher click-thru rate by simply putting more places for them to click.

And when I say this, I mean the SAME link. Not multiple offers, the SAME offer.

What typically happens is this: you craft your promotional mailing and you have ONE link way down at the bottom of your message.

That's not enough. You should have a MINIMUM of two references to your link. One midway through the message and one at the close of the message near your call to action.

On longer email messages, don't be afraid to mix in that link in several places, maybe 3-5 places all total, depending upon the length.

You should see a higher click-thru rate simply by adding an extra reference link in your copy.

Oh yes I nearly forgot:

Why would I dress up as the easter bunny :)

Here's why...

The purpose of using themes & landing pages is not just so you can have a pretty design around your site and members area.

This is an exceptional way to increase revenue and stickiness for your membership site.

So the question would be why would you need special holiday themes?

Having the ability to change your theme at the click of a button on special holidays and events can consistently increase revenues and give you one more reason to get members to login.

As an experiment one year I had someone change the header at advertising know-how to bring in some Christmas cheer, he had me dressed up as Santa. So I did a special Santa's offer and sent out an email inviting everyone to login and check out the picture of me in a Santa suit.

When they logged in we made them a special Christmas offer which sold at a conversion rate of almost 70%

It wasn't long before I was commissioning other design sets for Easter and even my own birthday bash celebration.

Now the problem back then when I first tried it was each new design had to be manually installed for each event, meaning I had to pay someone to put the special design up and take it down.

So we had TMS redesigned so we could use themes like wordpress does.

This meant I could easily and quickly change the theme with a simple click of the button

Dressing up as Santa brought me in a flurry of sales...So putting on an Easter bunny suit wouldn't go amiss either.

The point is as we tell you to find reasons to get your members to login to increase sales and activity, so having special themes for special events like mothers day for example is a perfect way for you to get extra sales and activity.

With the themes feature in TMS you can change your theme at the click of button and back again so why not have multiple holiday themes ready to go.

In part 4 were going to talk about goldmines and oil wells... stay with me people this is going to be an ha-ha moment