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How to get subscribers more motivated part 4

 "Focus On A Response"

Notice that I say "A" response. Not several responses. Not a couple of responses. ONE response.

I've seen some crazy email messages that really leave me wondering, "What the heck do they want me to do?"

They make an offer. They make another offer. They ask me to download something. They want me to visit a site. They mention joining an affiliate program.

I have no idea what they heck is going on. Click. That message just entered the TRASH folder.

Your promotional mailings should be focused on a single response. You want the reader to say "yes" or "no." You want them to click or not to click.

Make it simple.

"Test Before Rollout"

Another way to get greater results from ads is to actually test it on a small scale before you roll out the ad to dozens of different lists.

Let's suppose you ultimately are going to promote your solo mailing to 50 different lists, totally 1,000,000 subscribers.

Instead of shelling down your money and blasting that ad out, test it first on a smaller scale.

Buy some smaller advertising space and test a couple of variations of your list to see which one pulls the most responses.

Look at it this way: If you rollout one ad to all the lists and it gets a 4% click-thru rate, that's fine. But, what if you tested several ads on smaller lists before the rollout and found one that pulls in a 5% click-thru rate?

Hey, it's only 1% difference, right?

Yep, but it's the difference between 40,000 click-thrus and 50,000 click-thrus over the entire rollout you have planned.

I don't know about you, but I'd hate to miss out on 10,000 click-thrus!

Test your ads on a smaller list before rolling them out to large lists or many lists.

"Mail to Customers"

There's a gold mine waiting for you to mine right there in your existing customers.

Answer this question: how do you contact existing customers?

You need to make them additional offers. Once a month you should take a look at your database of existing customers and make them some kind of special offer that is exclusive to customers.

I can guarantee you that – if they were happy with their first purchase from you – they'll buy something else from you. There is money just *literally* waiting for you to ask for.

And, while we're talking about asking for money, do you ask for more of it immediately after a purchase?

When do you think your customers are most likely to buy? When they are in a "buying mood", right? Your "thank you for your order" page is a great place to make an additional offer, as is your "thank you for your order" email.

Offer them an upgrade. A deluxe model. A special report. A service. An affiliate recommendation. Something to go along with what they've already bought.

It's just another way to increase your profits with minimal effort and zero advertising.

"Promote Same Offer"

One of the things I learned a long, long time ago is this: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

A big mistake that people make in buying ads to other people's lists is this: they buy one ad in List A and they publish it. Then, they move on to the List B and they complete the cycle again.

Ooops, you just left money back there at List A!

Here's the thing: why publish the ad for List A only ONE time. Run that same ad to the same list for as long as it is making you a profit. As long as it is pulling in sales, subscribers and affiliates, why would you want to stop using that list?

It's the equivalent of striking oil and only pumping SOME of the oil out of it. You'd walk away from the oil well while there is still oil in it? Of course not?

Don't walk away from a good advertising source that is producing results. Use it over and over and over again until the well is dry.

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