How to profit from PLR products Part 3

7 Ways to Make More Money Than Your
Competition Does With The Same Product

Real quickly, I want to give you 7 things you should be doing if you want to make more money with the products that you buy reprint rights to sell.

1. Be first to market.
Obviously, the first person to promote a product when it is released has the best chance at making sales.

You need to have a set game plan in mind for anytime a product is made available with reprint rights that fits your target market.

Decide up front: how much you are willing to pay for a license, what kind of products sell well to your contacts, and what your plan of action is when a product becomes available.

If you actually have written out (or, if you’re like me, TYPED out) a plan of attack, becoming the “first to market” is very easy.

Create a ready-made list of criteria to determine if the newest product on the market with reprint rights is a nice fit for you (Price. Author. Quality of product. License fee. Restrictions. Etc.)

This will make it easy for you to evaluate a product upon its release to decide if it’s for you or not.

And put together a checklist of action steps that you’ll need to complete in order to get a new product producing sales. Include every step so you won’t miss a thing. (Setup order link, create download page, mail to XYZ list, etc.)

And – without exception – the members who made the most money from those products upon its release, are those who got the word out quickly.

Many of our lists overlap ... and the first person to take action has the best chance of making sales.

When a new product is released, evaluate it. If it’s for you, take action and be the “first to market.”

2. Offer a list.
I’ve been to web site after web site recently doing some research for an upcoming product I’m releasing about “reprint rights.”

And I’ve looked at page after page, product salesletter after product salesletter, and it amazes me at how FEW sites offer a list of any kind on pages devoted to selling products that they purchased reprint rights to sell.

Go to their main page and there are all kinds of list offers (newsletters, reports, ecourses, announcements, etc.)

It’s obvious that they know building a list is important.

But, it’s one of those “throw out the marketing knowledge” moments when it comes to reprint rights.

Getting folks onto a list is CRITICAL to your success.

How can you sell additional products (or follow-up on the product of the page visitors are looking at should they decide NOT to buy it) if you don’t get your website visitors to join a list?

We know it’s important, but in my research, there are less than 5% of web pages devoted to selling products that came with reprint rights that have any mention at all of a list.

Bottom line: before you load that ready-made webpage and salesletter that was given to you, insert some kind of list offer.

Newsletter. Ecourse. Special Report. It doesn’t matter which.

Build some kind of list that is related in some way to the theme of the product being sold on that page, and insert a list offer in there for visitors to join.
You’re leaving money on the table if you don’t.

3. Provide an incentive.
Why should someone buy a product from YOU instead of the five gazillion other people selling the same product?

Seriously, why should they?

Are they your cousin?

Do they owe you a favor?

Why YOU?

By offering an incentive, you give them a compelling reason to order from YOU and not your competition.

Let me give you an example from the real world.

Offline Marketers Have Been Doing It For Years...

Suppose you are looking to purchase a new car and you visit several different dealerships.

All of them have the EXACT same car that you are interested in purchasing. All are priced at the EXACT same price. Every factor is the same...

...except for one.

One of the dealerships offers you an incentive. If you purchase the vehicle from him, he will throw in a year's supply of gasoline!

Now I ask you, which of the dealerships are you going to make your purchase from?

If you chose anyone but the dealer offering the free gasoline... probably shouldn't be on the road driving! ;)

Obviously, with all factors the same, you would want to make your purchase from the dealer who offered you MORE value for your money.

Reprint rights products are kind of like car dealerships - at least in one regard.

Every reprint rights license holder for a particular product offers the EXACT same product at usually the EXACT same price.

All factors concerning the product itself are basically the same for every license holder.

So, who's going to make the sale?

The one who offers the added incentive, that's who! The one who creates the advantage, the exclusive offer.

Want to outsell your competition? Want to outsell them even though you are all promoting the EXACT same product at the EXACT same price? Want to create an advantage that levels the playing field with the "big boys" who have the large lists and large budgets?

Offer MORE!

You need to create an incentive.

Some unique and exclusive reason why folks should order through YOUR site and not one of your competitors.

---------- [ Sidebar ] ----------
Folks tend to think that whoever gets the word out FIRST about a new product will make the sale. That isn't always the case. In fact, it could be just the opposite.

Most folks receive the same, tired old "product announcement" email from a half dozen or more folks with reprint rights licenses in the exact same 24 hour period.

They get home from work and find a slew of folks all wanting to make the sale on the new product.

Who will they buy from (If they buy at all from this first batch of offers)?

If 5 reprint rights license holders sent out the standard email (you know the drill, “new product released, here are the details, blah blah blah”) and 1 smart marketer sent an email with a free high-quality offer attached for the same product...

I'm guessing they'd go with the 1 guy or gal who did things differently.

What do you think?

You're probably thinking "give me that year's supply of free gas for my new car!" Right?
---------- [ Sidebar ] ---------

You need to create an incentive, an unfair advantage over your competition. You need something that convinces folks to buy from you.

Something Interesting Happened
On The Way To Send Out A Mailing...

Here's an interesting twist on things that I wanted to let you know. The idea of "incentive marketing" not only applies to NEW offers, but can even work to produce sales for older products.

For example: I put together a free eBook entitled "Killer Marketing Secrets Revealed" about 12 months ago in order to produce sales for Ken Silver's eBook Secrets manual that I had purchased reprint rights to sell. I offered it as a free bonus to anyone who ordered from me.

Ken's product had been available for several years and was offered for FREE at several big sites like the Warriors and Make Your Knowledge Sell.

Despite the fact that THOUSANDS of copies had been in circulation prior to me purchasing the license, I sold hundreds of extra copies within just a few months.
MANY of those customers told me this: "I already had a copy of eBook Secrets, but it was worth buying again just to get the free copy of Killer Marketing Secrets Revealed."

See how this works?

Offer an incentive in ADDITION to the product itself.

Exclusive bonuses come to mind.

  1. Personalized assistance.
  2. Additional training.
  3. A special report.
  4. Your top secret “resource directory.”
  5. An exclusive interview with the author of the product.

You get the idea.

To Be Continued In Part four

How to profit from PLR products Introduction

A five part article series on profiting from PLR. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not in the greatest physical shape of my life. (although I AM getting back to that point!) When I married my lovely wife 42 years ago, I had a 28 inch waste and weighed in at a paltry 155 pounds.

Recently, I decided it was time to tone up again. So, today we were out looking at equipment.

I happened to spot a shelf of "exercise balls."

You know, the big bright blue balls that you inflate and do various exercises on?
Having seen that they can be useful in toning abdominal muscles (which is where I want to start!), I decided to take a closer look. Here's what I found...
Four completely identical bright blue exercise balls.

I'm talking the exact same size.

The exact same yellow foot pump to inflate the ball.

The exact same tube of glue to repair the ball should you decide to take a razor blade and slice it to bits after a few days.

Three of the products sold for the exact same price of 12.99. The fourth product had an asking price of 16.99.

I immediately decided I would buy the 16.99 version.
Why spend more money for the exact same product?

Here's why...

How to get subscribers more motivated

This article series is all about helping you make more money from lists. Whether it’s your list or someone else’s list, whether you are sending a newsletter or a solo mailing … doesn’t really matter.

You’re about to read through some of the "best" ideas for increasing your profits when you do mailings of any kind to any list.

Some of these tips deal with getting more people to open your email; others with getting more people to read your email and still other tips refer to getting more people to take action.

All of them are included for one reason: to help you make more money from lists.

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